Offices and Commercial

GEDO has been developing all manner of sizes of office buildings, trading estates and craft yards for many years.

In Taucha for instance GEDO opened up, planned and developed an area measuring some 450,000 m² under a private-public partnership agreement. This interesting location is used by trading, storage, production and service companies.

In conjunction with the Municipality of Frankfurt am Main GEDO erected a trading estate and craft yard on a site covering over 100,000 m². The site is home to a craft  yard,  a business start-up centre, a DIY centre with adjoining craft stores and various other commercial uses.

GEDO developed and implemented the TECH LAB in the immediate vicinity of the research institutes of southern Munich, providing some 25,000 m² of usable floor space. This technology centre offers the best possible research, production and administrative facilities for companies operating in the biotech, pharmaceutical and high-tech industries, among others.